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Frequently Asked Questions
About Spendwell
What is Spendwell?
Spendwell is a public benefit corporation and data project. It is not affiliated with any other company, regulatory agency, nonprofits or nongovernmental organizations. Spendwell is a completely independent data-reporting and information company focused on relaying facts about companies, their products and services to individuals so that individuals can make better, more ethical choices about how they spend their money.
Why does the world need Spendwell?
Despite the majority of people around the world identifying as ethics-driven when making purchases, it is currently near impossible for individuals to make truly informed, ethics-driven choices about the companies they support or products and services they buy. By distilling all of an individual's value priorities into an instantly accessible, unbiased ranking, Spendwell changes the equation — making it possible for people to accurately, confidently and easily apply their own values to their market choices.

Ethical should be the only option.
Rankings and Reports
What are "priorities" on Spendwell?
Priorities are the things you care most about when it comes to your ethics-driven decision-making. Maybe you prioritize the climate or maybe you prioritize human rights issues. You might prioritize both.

By becoming a member and letting Spendwell know what your priorities are, each and every overall ranking for a company on Spendwell will be tailored to what you care most about.
What is the criteria used for rankings and reports?
In a general sense, data incorporated into rankings and reports must be independently verifiable, publicly available and the companies to which the data belongs must be accountable to that data in some fashion (i.e., directly measurable). Each report on Spendwell includes a methodology section that provides greater detail on criteria and methods used.
How current are Spendwell rankings?
Data reported by Spendwell is continuously updated and in most instances, will be updated as soon as regulatory bodies and monitoring organizations publicly update their own data sets.
How does Spendwell ensure its rankings are unbiased?
Spendwell ensures neutrality by depending on publicly available and independently verifiable data sourced through corporate self-reporting, government regulatory bodies, independent media and the publicly available reporting of nonpartisan, nongovernmental organizations. The editorial direction and ultimately, what Spendwell will and will not include in future (post-beta) rankings and revisions to rankings will be determined by Spendwell users.
Who decides what data to include in rankings and reports?

The current beta rankings reported by Spendwell were determined after rigorous research into corporate impact data, sources, monitoring and regulation. As Spendwell moves out of beta, Spendwell users will ultimately determine what is and is not included in the ranking criteria.

Where does Spendwell get its information?
Spendwell sources much of the data used in reports and rankings from regulatory bodies including the United States’ Security and Exchange Commission, the US Senate and the Federal Elections Commission, among others. Other information is sourced from nonpartisan, nonprofit or nongovernmental entities such as the Science Based Targets initiative. Information that is not collected and published by regulators or nonprofits organizations is sourced through media and publicly-available, verifiable corporate self-reporting.
Will Spendwell report on more than just large US corporations?
Definitely. The United States is merely Spendwell's beta market and large corporations were chosen as the primary focus of our beta launch because their relevant data is typically more accessible. As soon as it is feasible, Spendwell will expand to all countries and will incorporate every business, product and service possible.
Spendwell Membership
Why should I become a Spendwell member?
Members can tell Spendwell about their own ethics-driven consumption priorities and Spendwell will tailor the overall rankings for every company report to prioritize what you care most about.
Does it cost anything to become a Spendwell member?
No, it's free.
How do I become a Spendwell member?
By creating an account with Spendwell, you become a member.